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Over the past three decades, the field of software development has witnessed a profound transformation. SoftServe, which began with three Ph.D. students in Lviv, has evolved into a global entity with over 12,000 associates. While methodologies, tools, and technologies have changed—from Agile to Generative AI—there's a constant principle: high-quality software engineers remain integral. SoftServe's enduring commitment to a culture of learning has been the driving force behind its success.

A Legacy of Learning

SoftServe's journey is rooted in an academic background, fostering a culture where learning is intrinsic. Through initiatives like SoftServe University and the People Excellence (PeEx) platform, the company invests in boosting managerial and IT skills. This commitment to learning extends from day one, with rapid onboarding ensuring new hires have access to exhaustive documentation and best practices, reducing time-to-productivity.

Business Value through Expertise

The emphasis on learning translates into tangible benefits for clients. Regardless of the project, SoftServe's results reflect high-quality user experience, robust operational processes, and the delivery of unique products. The company's collaboration and adaptability are exemplified in projects using cutting-edge technologies like big-data analytics, IoT-enabled sensors, AI, and metaverse for various applications.

Open Innovation and Collaboration

SoftServe embraces open innovation through programs like Open Eyes and Open Tech, collaborating with startups, universities, and NGOs. This collaborative approach enables clients to access novel technologies before they become mainstream, providing a competitive edge.

Gen AI: Redefining Software Development Economics

SoftServe engineers, driven by continuous improvement and learning, have successfully integrated Generative AI (Gen AI) into their solutions. Gen AI streamlines processes, automates tasks, and fosters innovation, leading to a remarkable 42% increase in software development outcomes, as per a recent study.

Recognition and Achievements

SoftServe's commitment to reliable innovation has earned it recognition, with a notable achievement being its acknowledgment as a Challenger in the November 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Custom Software Development Services, Worldwide.


In an industry where tools and technologies evolve rapidly, SoftServe's 30-year history stands as a testament to the enduring value of a culture of learning. As the company continues to innovate and adapt to new challenges, its expertise, especially in emerging technologies like Gen AI, positions it as a reliable partner for clients looking for engineering services that grow with and for their companies.


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