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This app, powered by AI, simplifies trip planning and itinerary creation. Tailoring to your preferences, travel dates, and budget, it crafts optimized itineraries, recommends the ideal paths, and offers up-to-the-minute travel details, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free travel experience


Plant Care - AI

 AI-powered helper for plant lovers. Get personalized care, disease solutions, and gardening tips for lush plants. Features include health monitoring, disease identification, and customized care plans

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AI Photo Editor

It is an AI-powered photo editor with tools like One-Tap Enhance, AI Magic Remove, AI Retouch, AI Background Remove, AI Enlarger, Effects, Filters, Templates, Collages, and more. It caters to all your photo editing needs in seconds


Pregnancy Tracker

The app offers expert advice, daily articles, and interactive 3D models for tracking your baby's development. 

  • Unique 3D models illustrate baby's growth

  • Pregnancy guides cover various topics

  • Tools like due date calculator and kick counter

  • Organize appointments, prepare for hospital visits

  • Exclusive 3D models with zoom and rotation

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Full Body Workout

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Home Workout is your go-to for building muscle and shedding weight, no equipment required. Tailored plans and expert guidance ensure a fitter, stronger you!

  • No equipment needed, easy to follow

  • Personalized plans for all fitness levels

  • Workout anytime, anywhere

  • Track progress automatically

  • Varied workouts for every need

  • Expert video guides and integration with Apple Health

  • Customized reminders and easy data sharing


Pill Tracker app

A medication reminder can be invaluable, particularly for those on daily medication, aiding in avoiding potential health risks.

  • Sync data from multiple users

  • Unlimited medication reminders

  • Drug interaction info

  • Medical appointment alerts

  • Refill reminders for caregivers

  • Online pharmacy services

  • Record and monitor weight, heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, and temperature

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Word Swipe Game

Word Swipe: the ultimate puzzle game for word enthusiasts! Test your word-finding skills in this exciting new challenge


Four In A Row - Classic Games

Get ready for Connect Four! Match 4 of your colored pieces in a row to win. Challenge yourself or friends in 2-player mode, play online worldwide, or test your skills against our AI with 3 difficulty levels. Strategy, fun, and competition await!

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NFT Marketplace + iOS Widget

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NFT Marketplace mobile app is your ultimate NFT companion. Track your collection, discover incredible new digital art, and stay ahead of the market with these features:

  • Connect Profile: Instantly see the NFTs you own.

  • Discover: Explore fresh releases from top artists and rising stars.

  • Favorites: Save the pieces you love for easy access.

  • Search & Filter: Find exactly what you want with powerful search tools.

  • Market Stats: Track collections and item trends

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