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NFT Marketplace + iOS Widget

The NFT Marketplace mobile app aims to provide users with a comprehensive platform to explore, collect, and track NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). With features like Connect Profile, Discover, Favorites, Search & Filter, and Market Stats, the app offers an immersive experience for NFT enthusiasts to manage their collections and stay updated on the latest trends in the NFT market.

About the Project:

Project Idea:

The NFT Marketplace app is designed to cater to the growing demand for a centralized platform where users can seamlessly interact with NFTs. By offering features like Connect Profile to track owned NFTs, Discover to explore new releases, Favorites to save preferred pieces, and Search & Filter to find specific items, the app aims to simplify the process of navigating the vast world of NFTs. Additionally, Market Stats provides users with valuable insights into collection trends and item performance.



The development process began with detailed research into the NFT market and user preferences. Based on this research, a comprehensive development strategy was devised, outlining the feature set, technology stack, estimated timeline, and solutions to potential challenges. The implementation phase involved building the app's backend infrastructure, designing intuitive UI/UX, and integrating essential features such as NFT tracking, discovery, and filtering. Rigorous testing procedures were conducted to ensure the app's stability, performance, and compatibility across various iOS devices.


Challenges we Solved:

One of the primary challenges was designing a robust backend system capable of handling a large volume of NFT data and user interactions. Our team implemented scalable server architecture and optimized database management techniques to ensure smooth app operation even during peak usage periods. Additionally, integrating real-time market data and analytics posed a challenge, which we addressed by leveraging APIs and implementing efficient data processing algorithms.




- A required feature list covering Connect Profile, Discover, Favorites, Search & Filter, and Market Stats.

- Proper functionality of recommendation systems to enhance user engagement.

- Initial design concept focusing on intuitive navigation and visually appealing UI.

- Free availability of the app to maximize user acquisition and engagement.



The project underwent thorough analysis, involving dedicated business analysts who conducted multiple meetings and research sessions. This phase included defining technical specifications, creating wireframes, estimating project costs, and outlining user stories to guide development.



As a result of our analysis, we delivered detailed technical documentation, wireframes illustrating the app's design and functionality, accurate cost estimates, and user stories outlining key features and interactions.

Regardless of the size and scope of your project, following this development process will make your enterprise mobile app development initiative a success.

Technical specification

A clear and consistent technical specifications document ensures that the app works properly, and meets your expectations and business goals. For our customers, we create technical documentation during the Discovery phase to be certain we are on the same page as our clients.

Main Features of the Project:

1. Connect Profile: Users can instantly view the NFTs they own, providing a comprehensive overview of their collection.

2. Discover: Explore fresh releases from top artists and rising stars, with curated recommendations based on user preferences.

3. Favorites: Save preferred pieces for easy access and tracking.

4. Search & Filter: Find specific NFTs using powerful search tools and customizable filters.

5. Market Stats: Track collection trends and item performance, with real-time analytics and insights.


High -fidelity wireframes

High-fidelity wireframes are often built in the advance stages of the design process to communicate design decisions to the development team prior to coding the final product.


Technology Stack:

- iOS Native Development: Swift, Xcode

- Backend: Node.js (Express.js), MongoDB 

- Networking: Alamofire (for handling network requests)

- OAuth 2.0: For user authentication and authorization

- Firebase Analytics: For tracking user engagement and app performance

Scrum process

The original estimate of the project development was 4 months, so we decided to use the scrum process. Scrum is an iterative and incremental software development methodology designed to build products faster. It uses short-time boxed development cycles (called sprints), with each sprint resulting in potentially shippable functionality delivered.

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